Your shoe size is not a problem any more

Having problems finding shoes in your size?

Do you have small¡ feet, big feet or do you need shoes in different sizes?


In Just-ENE we have the solution, we have women shoes from size 34.5 to 42.5. And because our shoes are artisanlly made, you also have the possibility to order them in different sizes.


If you want in a size not included in this range, contact us! We will endeavor to find a solution.


In addition, you will be able not obly to choose just your size, but you can create the shoe of your dreams adapting the heel height to your taste (high, low or platform shoes), choosing the material, color, design, toe and embellishments you want.


The result is a unique shoe in the world, made in Spain (Elda) with the finest finishes and the best quality materials and most importantly, it will be a shoe created exclusively for you and with the best ingredients, affection, tradition and the expertise of the best experts of the Spanish footwear sector.