Just-ENE as it began

Irene Gil - Founder of Just-ENE


Obviously, the history of Just-ENE did not start years ago, at least not as Just·Ene…..  Just·Ene is more than an illusion, it is a dream that has come true. 


After several unsuccessful tries to start enterprising adventures like making newspapers and sell them at 25 pesetas or putting a poster on the front-door offering menus to the neighbors, finally, being 29, I found the project that filled my illusions, motioned me, and made me feel capable of doing anything to achieve it.


And this is what I did; after more than 10 years of training and working for the financial sector, once again I proved my indoubtable capability to be wrong. What I thought it was going to be my work for a lifetime, started to have no meaning. My passion for fashion and discontent not finding what I wanted, made me think of what it was then only the "idea" of Just-ENE


Who did not buy some day, with all the illusion of the world, that lovely dress for the occasion of a wedding or a party and go almost mad trying to find the perfect shoe? In my case I spent weeks to find a pair of golden sandals for the wedding of my childhood friend. I don’t have any brother or sister, and she has been my companion since the first day we went to the nursery, so you can imagine how important this event was for me.


But the bad luck was that, somehow, gold was not among the season trends.

Luckily, after weeks looking around and searching I finally found a pair of sandals, which were obviusly out of my initial budget, but that more or less fitted my style, and, of course, golden.


These shoes will always be on my mind: 1) for compressing my big-toe, that remained insensible for two weeks, 2) for the pain in my back for another three weeks after I fell from the stairs of the courtesy-bus, and, last but not least 3) for being the start of Just·ENE. I must say that these weeks of pains were more than worth it. I really cannot understand, why one cannot have a pair of shoes like you want them…


And this is the way Just-ENE was born, trying to be the answer to the problem we women face when not finding what we want.


After months of talking to people to whom I will always be grateful for their support, impulse, confidence, motivation, knowledge, opinion and even door-slamming (why not recognize it?) and an endless list of many more things, I was prepared to make the, probably most important, decision of my life until today.


One day I woke up feeling desolate; there was something that really excited me, did ask me more, but I did not have enough time to realize. That very moment I saw it clear, and my first call was to tell my mom: “I quit from my job”. After her first reaction: “don’t rush”, “think it over, cool down”, she understood that this was what I had to do. And so I did. After working in the financial sector for 7 years, I took my box with my countless things from the office (I never saw my desk that clean), said good-bye, to great sorrow of my incredible companions, and, letting some little tear, said good-bye to the comfort-zone to make a dream come true. And still, until today, I do not regret it.

Has been a while since then and the dream is now a reality. Wearing the first Just-ENE shoes ever, and having people asking me where I had them from, made me feel as if Santa Claus and the Wise from the Orient had agreed to bring me all the presents of my interminable list of wishes. This reaffirmed me in the idea that we were making something special.


And this is what is Just·Ene today, an experience, an illusion, a dream. A reality.


And, why Just-ENE? Just because as you can probably already know...this is part of my life, and therefore also a part of my name.


And finally, if you've come this far and want to get in touch with me, do not hesitate to write to me at my personal email I will be more than happy to get in touch with you.


Warm regards, 



Founder of Just-ENE