What is Just-Ene?

Just-Ene is a brand of personalized luxury shoes. It offers high quality women’s shoes that admit the possibility for personalization by the client, trying to respond to women who like to differentiate themselves and to set their own style without having to renounce to quality and design.


Which designs can I buy at Just-Ene?

You can buy any of the designs proposed by Just-Ene's Creative Team and available in the Collection section of our website, or the design customized by yourself.


How do I design my Just-Ene?

The designs are realized with a 3D configurator at your disposition on the site www.just-ene.com


Which materials can I use for my Just-Ene?

Just-Ene in its catalogue offers over 130 materials of the best quality from Spain and Italy. In our catalogue we offer first quality finish in soft leather, suede, patent leather, silk, authentic python skin and hair of high Italian quality. You may consult our catalogue of materials here


Are all the materials equal?

No. From our selection of materials you can make a choice of Basic, Premium, Extrapremium or Luxury materials depending on their exclusivity. The Premium, Extrapremium and Luxury materials have a higher cost and will increase the price of your shoes when you select them.


Are the materials always the same?

No. From the catalogue of materials you will have access to options of trends that will be renewed every season to satisfy the wishes of women who like to set their own style to fashion without losing a bit of their personality.


How do I choose the size of my Just-Ene?

In Just-Ene we know the problem it supposes to be when a shoe does not fit your size well, and for that reason we want your shoes to be perfectly adapted to you. Therefore our efforts are centered to make the sizes fitting market standards. You can choose your size as usual. For the purchase of certain models, our customer care department may contact you to check in a quickly and easy manner the sizing of your Just-Ene shoes. In any way, if you need advice about your size you may contact us at help@just-ene.com


How long will it take until I receive my Just-Ene?

If you like the proposals of Just-Ene's Creative Team as well as if you like to imprint your personal touch to the designs, you will receive your Just-Ene at the direction you indicated to us in 4 to 6 weeks from the moment you formalize your purchase. In Just-Ene, the designs created by yourselves as well as the designs of the collection are manufactured totally artisanal and with the maximum care; this entails that every design is manufactured in exclusivity for every one of you. Therefore it takes 4 to 6 weeks for your Just-Ene to arrive at your home.


What happens if I need my Just-Ene for a special event and I want to receive them earlier?

If you have an event or special urgency, feel free to contact us at orders@just-ene.com to let us know and we will make any possible effort to try to make your shoes arrive when you need them.


Do I have to pay for the shipment to receive my Just-Ene?

Just-Ene assumes the costs for shipment in the Spanish Peninsula and Portugal. Shipment to the rest of Europe has a cost of 15 €. Beyond these territories the cost is 35 €. You must be aware that for shipping outside Europe purchases may be subject to taxes alien to Just-Ene that will have to be paid by the client.


How do I pay my Just-Ene on the website?

The clients of Just-Ene can pay their purchases by credit card or Pay-Pal. In case of any doubt about payments you may contact us at the following direction: customercare@just-ene.com


What happens if my Just-Ene arrive with a defect?

Just-Ene submits all its products to strict quality controls. Nevertheless, if despite these controls you observe any fault of manufacture, Just-Ene will assume the costs for return of your order. You will find more information about our return policy in the section Returns.


Can I purchase Just-Ene for a gift?

Of course you can. You can surprise that person with a design created by you, or buy our gift card. If you want us to help you with the design you can contact us at style@just-ene.com


What is Just-Ene Nº1

Just-Ene NºI is the seal of our exclusivity. If you are the first to design your Just-Ene, these will show printed on the sole the number I, which will make your Just-Ene shoe unique in the world


How do I design my Just-Ene? Can you help me to design my shoes?

In Just-Ene we put at your disposition a three dimensional configurator to allow you to create your design, following three basic steps.


Can you help me to design my Just-Ene?

If you have any doubts, or need help to combine your Just-Ene, our stylists will be glad to advise you to choose the shoe that will best fit you. Therefore you may contact us at style@just-ene.com


Can I buy Just-Ene without need to design them?

Yes. You can buy from the season proposals of the Creative Department of Just-Ene, available in the section “Collection”


Can I find Just-Ene in stores?

No. Selling will be through our website www.just-ene.com Occasionally, Just-Ene will organize events at physical points of sale where some of our proposals will be exposed. If you would like to get notified of this events you can subscribe to our Newsletter


Can I assist at events organized by Just-Ene?

To be informed about our upcoming events and obtain an exclusive invitation you are welcome to e-mail us at events@just-ene.com indicating your interest to participate in these events.