What is Just-Ene?

Why design, quality and personalization are not incompatible

Just-Ene offers exclusive designer shoes made to order. In Just-Ene, we believe that wearing design shoes should not mean to renounce to your personality or style; therefore we care very much about the design and the finish, with the possibility to adapt fashion to your taste.

The Creative Team of Just-Ene is focused in three main pillars: design, quality and comfort.

Our goal is to accentuate the beauty and the identity of this woman who wears a Just-Ene. We like this woman who wears a Just-Ene to be confident, to feel attractive, feminine and elegant and this is the character we imprint in each of our designs and options.

We are also conscious that the world as well as fashion is constantly evolving, so each season we introduce new designs and options so you may always create a fresh and fashionable design. This is completed with the design proposals of the Creative Team of Just-Ene for every season you will see in the section Collection.


The Creative Team of Just-Ene puts all its love and knowledge in the selection of the best materials from Spain and Italy.

The basic color chart is completed with trendy materials and colors that are renovated every season to satisfy the wishes of women who like to impress their own style to fashion without losing a bit of their personality.

As well as, for women who want to be ahead of the trends, and thank to your Just-Ene being made to order, you dispose of materials of the latest season’s novelties of the next year, adding to your design extra exclusivity.

In our catalogue we dispose of first quality finish in soft leather, suede, patent leather, silk, authentic python skin, and high Italian quality hair.

Caring for every detail to the maximum

In Just-Ene, every design is made one by one and with the best ingredients: with love and the highest care by each of the extraordinary experts that take part in the process.

The manufacture is entirely carried out in Elda (Spain), with the printed mark “made in Spain”. Elda is specialised in high-end footwear for women.  Therefore Elda and footwear always went together. The product of Elda traditionally is a product of high quality, manufactured by experts and craftsmen with an inborn knowledge of making footwear.

Once your Just-Ene have been manufactured, each pair is meticulously examined by the Quality Control Team, to guarantee that your shoes are complying with the most exigent standards.

As this is an artisanal manufacturing process with maximum care for the detail, this process takes 4 to 6 weeks.

Product Care

Just-Ene Team

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” (Confucius)

Just-Ene is the fruit of the illusion, the enthusiasm and the dedication of its entire Team, without which it would have been impossible to arrive where we are. Every piece is a key-part, and each has contributed and contributes day after day with all the illusion, effort and enthusiasm to make Just-Ene what it is today and what it will be in the future, a big experience for its clients at all levels.

We persons are unique and we are all creative. Each in her or his specialty and area. Therefore it is surprising how every person gives the best when she or he believes in the project they are involved in, when they are given room to express their concerns, and when they are surrounded by the adequate people. The team of Just-Ene knew how to integrate and how to support each other, what it wants to transmit to its clients, not just as a luxury shoe but as a philosophy for life.